Rahul Gandhi Criticizes Journalists, Suggests Wearing BJP T-Shirts

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New Delhi, 06 June 2024: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi sparked controversy during a press conference in New Delhi, when he suggested that journalists wear BJP T-shirts while asking questions. This remark came amid tense exchanges over the recent stock market crash and allegations of government mishandling.

In response to pointed questions from journalists, Gandhi retorted, “You might as well wear BJP T-shirts when you ask these questions.” This statement underscored his dissatisfaction with the media’s perceived alignment with the ruling party.

Gandhi also reiterated his call for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to investigate the roles of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah in the recent stock market crash. He highlighted that senior government officials, including the Prime Minister, Home Minister, and Finance Minister, had commented on the stock market’s prospects despite having prior knowledge of the election results.

The stock market experienced a significant decline following the official results, with the BSE Sensex plunging over 6,000 points to 70,300 and the Nifty50 falling below 21,300. This led to a decrease in the market capitalization of all listed companies on the BSE by Rs 45.56 lakh crore to Rs 380.35 lakh crore, causing hefty losses to investors.