Railway Passengers Can Now Book Tickets Until Half an Hour Before Train Time

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New Delhi, October 10, 2020: The Indian Railways has now enabled end-time booking for passengers starting from October 10. Now passengers can book tickets until half an hour before the train scheduled to depart from the station. The reform in the booking/ticket reservation system was made after it was observed that many berths in special trains went vacant.

Usually, the first chart of passengers’ list is released four hours before the train time. The second chart was issued two-hours before the train started. The Indian Railways has now reduced the time of releasing the second reservation chart to half an hour. This facility is available for both online and offline.

The railways stated that after the unlock started, the railway administration had started running some special trains. Gradually the number of trains is being increased. The first chart for a special train is made four hours before the train’s departure. Tickets can be taken and refunded from the booking counter up to four hours in advance. After the first chart is prepared, passengers can take an online reservation ticket on the berth that remains empty up to two hours before the train starts running. However, in the present system, berths are vacant in many special trains, at the last minute passengers are not able to take a reservation ticket.

Hence, now the second chart will be made up to half an hour before the train’s departure. Passengers can make reservations at empty berths and also return tickets. Travellers can purchase tickets from the station where the current booking counter is located and also can take e-reservation tickets from mobile a few hours before the departure of the train. This facility of railways will provide special help to those who have to travel by train in special emergency situations, stated the Indian Railways.

Railways will run 200 trains in this festive season

The chairman of the Railway Board has made it clear that more than 200 trains will be run between October and November in the festive season and their number can be increased further if needed.