Railway Streamline procedure for issue of concession certificate to physically challenged persons (Divyang)

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Ministry of Railways has decided to streamline the procedure for issuing of concessional certificate to physically challenged persons (Divyang) in case of change of residence and also in some other cases for the convenience of the passengers. Indian Railways has already facilitated convenient booking of concessional tickets including online ticketing for the physically challenged persons.  The following decisions have been taken to streamline various issues : –

  1. In those cases where the applicant has shifted to a new place and his/her concession certificate has been issued by the Government Hospital of his/her previous residence, he/she may be allowed to apply to DRM’s office (suppose A) of current residence. This division will then get the concession certificate verified by the concerned division/zone (suppose B) in which the Government hospital falls which has issued the concession certificate. Such division/zone will then send the verification report to the referring division (A) which had sent the verification request. Based on the verification report, Division ‘A’ will issue the ID card to the physically challenged person or to his/her representative (with proper authority letter) on his/her behalf. However, original certificates (including address proof indicating current residence) must be shown at the time of collection of card. The time limit for disposal of the application/issue of ID card in such cases is two months from the date of receipt of application.
  2. The photo I.D. card issued to the eligible physically handicapped person is valid for five years from the date of issue or till the last date upto which the concession certificate is valid whichever is earlier after which it has to be renewed/re-issued for which the same procedure as for issue of fresh photo ID card is to be followed.

As per rules under IRCA Coaching Tariff No. 26 Para (1) Vol. (II), in certain cases as indicated above the validity of concession certificate exceeds five years : –

Ø      In case of permanent disability, the concession certificate is valid for ten years in the age group of 26 to 35 years.

Ø      In case of permanent disability, the concession certificate is valid for whole life of the concerned person above the age of 35 years.

In cases mentioned above where the validity of concession certificate issued by the hospital authorities is 10 years or the whole life as the case may be, fresh verification of the concession certificate is not required for renewal of photo I.D. card in case the existing concession certificate is still valid. Remaining conditions/procedure for issue/renewal of the photo I.D. card will remain the same.