Rajasthan: MES employee caught sending intelligence to Pakistan, arrested by CID

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Shikha Chaurasia

Jaipur, November 2, 2020: The CID of Rajasthan Police have arrested an agent of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, who was spying for Pakistan. CID of Rajasthan arrested Ramnivas Gowda, an employee of Military Engineering Services (MES), from Niwaru. Important information was being taken from Ramnivas Gowda by trapping him in a honey trap.

Ramnivas was in touch with a Pakistan intelligence operator named Ekta @ Jasmeet Kaur via Facebook and WhatsApp. Ramnivas was associated with Pakistan Intelligence for the last two years and during this time he shared a lot of information important information.

According to officials, Ramnivas told during interrogation that he had received a friend request on Facebook. After which they both became very friendly. He also shared his WhatsApp number. They both used to chat on WhatsApp continuously. Apart from this, there was a lot of conversation between the two on audio-video calls. This Pakistan intelligence operator named Ekta was using India’s number for WhatsApp chat. Not only this, she had told him that she is associated with the Principal Controller of Defence Account (PCDA) in Shimla.

Initially, there was a friendly chat between Ramnivas and Ekta, but as the friendship grew, she started talking about military nature. Later, Ekta had also told Ramnivas that she is willing to give money in exchange for these intelligence inputs. After which Ramnivas shared his account number in March 2020 and also asked for help of Rs 10,000.

The Rajasthan CID has taken this action based on intelligence input from the army. He said that Ramnivas, a civil defence employee at MES, was in contact with the handlers sitting in Pakistan and leaked all information related to the army as well as other offices in Niwaru and Jaipur.

In September, the military intelligence found that there was an agent in Niwaru, who was leaking information related to the army to the handlers sitting in Pakistan. Military intelligence began to monitor and Ramnivas Gowda was identified as a Pakistani agent.

Ramnivas was in touch with Pakistani handlers through Facebook’s fake IDs and WhatsApp. He was giving information related to army personnel in Niwaru and Jaipur as well as many offices and staff posted there for the last two years in Pakistan. After receiving intelligence input from the army, the Jaipur police headquarters planned a joint operation and nabbed Ramnivas.