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Rakhi Sawant believes that Yoga is a holistic approach and not just a physical activity which should be incorporated in daily lives. When asked about their take on Yoga Day, they said “As a daily practice, we would start our day by performing our daily Yoga routine. Besides that, we intend to spread the word about yoga and join the practice.”

They say, when one practices yoga, one needs to immerse themselves into their conscience through the act of yoga & feel spiritual from within. “It’s about re-discovering the core of your creative self & feeling mirthful from within.” further adding “In today’s fast-paced life people have forgotten the importance of yoga and it has thus lost its precedence. Yoga should be practiced & performed not merely as an exercise but by self-contemplating & seeking the truth and purpose of life.”

On International Yoga Day they urge people to take just a few minutes out of their hectic work schedules and try performing yoga & gradually make it a daily practice. “It could be just about five minutes in a day but there’s no doubt about the fact that these few minutes of simple yet extremely helpful act if practised daily, could transform your life & help you pave your way through the struggles and problems of life thus helping you cut the clutter and walk through life contented.”