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Pune, November 5, 2019: Raksha Rajya Mantri  Shripad Naik inaugurated the Igniter Complex at High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune on 5th November 2019. P. K. Mehta, DG (ACE), KPS Murthy, Director HEMRL, Dr VV Rao, Director ARDE,Aloke Mishra, CCE R&D (West) were present during the inauguration.

HEMRL is a premier laboratory of DRDO and primarily engaged in developing Rocket and Gun Propellants, Pyrotechnic Devices, High Explosive Systems and synthesis of high energy molecules. The laboratory has developed several ignition systems to ensure reliable initiation of rocket motors of various tactical as well as strategic missiles.

Ignition is a crucial and highly critical phenomenon in the ignition chain of Rocket motor. HEMRL has developed various fuel /oxidizer based igniter compositions using organic binders. Noteworthy igniter compositions developed and productionised are BKNO3, GP, MTV in form of granules as well as pellets.

HEMRL has created a state of the art facility for design, processing and evaluation of ignition systems. The facility consists of process, assembly & storage buildings and a design centre. Remotely controlled sophisticated equipments such as Sieve Shaker, Planetary Mixer, Granulating Machine, Pelleting Machine etc are installed in the process buildings. Design, modeling and simulation laboratory; assembly and testing centre are also part of Igniter Complex. The noteworthy developments of the group in recent past are development of cap based ignition system and multipoint simultaneous ignition system.