Ready to Dial: New Police Helpline number 112 Service Will Be Launched Soon in Pune

Pune City Police
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Pune, January 23, 2021: The police helpline number 100 which is changed to 112 will be soon launched in Pune. This service based on GPS will be implemented– will benefit citizens of Pune to avail help as soon as possible. The new system is also said to be an important step towards reducing response timing. Private call centres have been set up in Mumbai and Nagpur for this service. Based on that, this system will work.

The service will be operated by the GPS and any citizen of Pune can call at 112 if they need police help in case of emergency. First, the phone will get connected to a call centre in Mumbai. After receiving the information from there, the information will be available on the laptop of the GPS van of the police in the area where the incident took place. Marshall will also be informed by a GPS present on bomtop on Marshall’s bike. This will help Marshall to reach the scene in less time.

Most of the time fraudulent, rumored phone calls were received on the helpline number 100. But, it was a waste of time for a police officer to test the incoming call. However, after receiving a call on the new helpline number 112, the new GPS will enable the representative in the call centre in Mumbai to understand the location of the caller. This will help to know the location of the distress person immediately. And then the beat Marshall will reach the spot to help the person and solve his problem.

Bomtop (GPS on Marshall bikes) batteries must be charged 24 hours a day for citizens to get help without interruption. The network issue may also rise many times. And the representatives talking from the call centres located in Mumbai may not have information about every location of Pune. Sources have also suggested that this problem may also arise.