Real Money Games Industry Forecasted to Double by 2025

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Pune, 22 May 2024: The gaming industry has been growing rapidly, with real-money games emerging as a significant segment within the broader gaming market. These games, which involve some form of wagering or monetary reward, have seen a surge in popularity, contributing significantly to the industry’s growth. Industry forecasts suggest that the real-money games sector is set to double by 2025, driven by technological advancements, increased accessibility, and evolving business models. As real-money games like the rummy game and others gain traction, the market is set to experience unprecedented expansion, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.32% from 2024.

Current State of the Real-Money Games Industry

Real-money games encompass a variety of formats, including online casinos, skill-based games like rummy, lotteries, and sports betting. This sector has been growing rapidly, with revenues generated by real-money games accounting for a significant portion of the overall gaming market. According to a recent report, revenues from these games currently represent 57% of the total market size, demonstrating their critical role in the gaming ecosystem. Key regions contributing to this growth include North America, Europe, and Asia, with mobile platforms leading the charge.

Factors Contributing to Industry Growth

Several factors contribute to the rapid growth of the real-money games industry, leading to its forecasted doubling by 2025.

• Technological Advancements: Mobile gaming technology has evolved rapidly, enabling players to access real-money games from virtually anywhere. Innovations in blockchain technology have improved security and transparency, fostering greater trust among players.

• Increased Legalisation and Regulation: Legalising online gaming in various regions has provided a stable environment for growth. In India, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has worked towards organising the industry, creating a more regulated and secure ecosystem for real-money games.

• Rising Popularity and Accessibility: The rise of mobile gaming has made real-money games more accessible to a broader audience. A recent study found that 94% of Indian gamers prefer mobile gaming, with rummy rules and other game mechanics readily available online, attracting millions of players.

• Evolution of Business Models: The adoption of subscription services and in-app purchases has allowed real-money games to offer players more options. This has led to increased engagement and revenue generation, with projected growth for in-app purchases at around 34% CAGR.

• Social and Cultural Shifts: As gaming becomes more accepted as a form of entertainment, social platforms like Meta (formerly Facebook) have played a role in fostering a more inclusive gaming community. This cultural shift has contributed to the growing popularity of real-money games.

Key Markets Driving Growth

Several regional markets are driving the industry’s growth. North America, with its well-established gaming culture, continues to be a significant market for real-money games. With its diverse regulatory landscape, Europe offers opportunities for expansion, while Asia, particularly India, is witnessing explosive growth in gaming communities.

India is a prime example of a market with immense potential. With an estimated 700 million gamers expected by 2025, the country’s gaming ecosystem is rapidly expanding. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is streamlining industry regulations to protect players and promote a secure gaming environment. This regulatory support is expected to contribute to the continued growth of real-money games, including popular games like rummy.

Challenges and Risks in the Real-Money Games Industry

Despite the positive outlook for the real-money games industry, it faces several challenges and risks that could impact its growth trajectory.

• Regulatory and Legal Concerns: Compliance with anti-money laundering regulations and player protection remains critical. Legislative changes affect market access and revenue generation, potentially impacting the growth of real-money games.

• Problem Gambling and Social Impact: Real-money games can pose risks related to problem gambling and addiction. Game operators must implement responsible gaming measures to ensure a safe environment for players and promote social responsibility.

• Competitive Landscape: The industry is highly competitive, with major players dominating the market. This competitive environment could lead to consolidation, affecting smaller operators and new entrants.

Projections for 2025 and Beyond

The real-money games industry is projected to double by 2025, with anticipated revenue growth and user base expansion. Industry experts believe that technological advancements, regulatory support, and shifting cultural attitudes will drive this growth. The continued evolution of business models and social media’s influence will also significantly shape the industry’s future.


The real-money games industry is on track for significant growth. Despite the challenges and risks, the industry is set for continued expansion, driven by technological advancements, increased accessibility, and evolving business models. As real-money games lead the way, the industry offers promising opportunities for businesses and players alike. The long-term outlook remains positive, with innovations and responsible gaming practices ensuring a sustainable future.