Real-Time Updates Of Train Will Now Be Made Available On Whatsapp

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Friyana Munshi

New Delhi, March 13, 2021: Whatsapp is used by people of all ages and the specialty is that this app is now used not only for messages and video calling but is also used for business. You will be able to receive real-time updates related to trains on Whatsapp itself and for this, you only need to send a message to a particular number. The service has been started by Mumbai’s Best Startup Company ‘Railofy’. With the help of which you do not need to go around to know the real-time updates during the train journey, but all the updates will continue to be received on Whatsapp itself.

Real-time updates of the train will be received from a message

Mumbai’s Best Startup Company ‘Railofy’ has launched this service for the convenience of passengers. With the help of this service, passengers can get train travel information and PNR status information on Whatsapp. Also, the time of arrival or the delay in the arrival of the train will be made available by the means of this service. You will be able to receive all these updates on the Whatsapp message itself.

Just save a number

To know the real-time status of the train, you only have to save the number ‘+ 91-9881193322’ on your phone. After this, you will have to send a 10-digit PNR number to this number. All the information related to the train will be available to you through a message only a few seconds after sending the PNR.

Many special features in the service

In this service of Railofy, you will receive much important information related to the train including the real-time updates of the train. Also, if you want to stop using this service, then for this you only have to message by writing ‘STOP’ post which the service will be closed. The ‘Railofy’ app is available for free downloading on the Google Play Store.