Reasons to Stop Dyeing Your Hair

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Styling has become a very important in our lives and fashioning our hair is one of them. The latest trend of this year has been hair coloring which has been the top most fashion statement of most men and women these days. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to alter your looks in a drastic way as hair dyeing work the best.

Hair Dyeing can be easy for a person who hasn’t ever had a bad experience or suffered its side effects. It is very important to know that hair dyeing can have several consequences which can have long term effects on the body.

Few detrimental effects of Hair Dyeing have been rolled out below by Dr. Arvind Poswal, Hair Expert and Founder, Dr. A’s Clinic

  1. Hair Dye has such coloring agents which generally dry out hair leaving them rough and brittle. They damage the hair follicles to such an extent that they damage them extensively and make them dead. The damage gets aggravated by the use of peroxide which is generally used as the base of hair coloring.
  2. The presence of chemicals in the hair colours is a common problem of hair fall. The falling of hair naturally tends to increase with hair colouring and tends to increase with the increased use of hair dye.
  3. Keeping up with hair colour can be very expensive. It requires touch up at regular intervals and the sky high price of branded hair colours along with the price that has to be paid to the hair dresser.
  4. A lot of time is involved in hair colouring as its application requires a lot of precision. It also takes a considerable time to dry off which in turn, is a very time consuming process.
  5. The chemicals present in the hair dye have ingredients which can be very distressing and harmful for the skin and can cause long term skin allergies. It is not essential that hair dyes suit every skin type thus, not all people can go in for hair dyes.