Redefining the social norms of dating with Nora Fatehi only on MTV Dating in the Dark 

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One of the most debated questions of all times – Do looks really matter in a genuine bond? Some believethat appearance is important as it is the first impression but some say look beyond looks. But what if you were asked to choose a date in the DARK? What if you hit it off well with your date but then don’t like what you see, later? Confusing and amusing at the same time, right? MTV Dating in the Dark, presented by Engage Deos and Perfumes is going to ignite fire between two potential lovers who have never seen each other ever before. The show will not only engross the viewers but also the participants who will substitute and maximize all their senses in the DARK to connect with their ‘could be prospects.’ As the season’s host, Moroccan beauty Nora Fatehi will be hosting a fabulous date for the contestants in the dark starting 8th June, every Friday,7.00 PM only on MTV.

MTV Dating in the Dark is a dating reality show that will witness curiosity raising the temperature soaring high with mysteries whirling around. It could be a daring adventure to remember or nothing. Based on an International format giving an exciting chance to three single men and three single women to get to know each other by losing all their inhibitions and trusting their instincts. A group date is set up in the dark, for the singletons to talk to each other, feel each other, smell but certainly not see each other until the time is up. After the first date, the contestants invite one another for a romantic one on one date in the dark. It is all fun and games until it gets real with the contestants finally coming face to face with each other in the revealing process. Each episode climaxes with the contestants either meeting their potential partner in the balcony of the house or exiting the house straight through the front doors.

Debuting on hosting the premier edition of the show, Nora Fatehi said, MTV Dating in the Dark is a unique show that is going to bring something very new to the table for the audiences. Do looks really matter during the initial stages of bonding with someone? If yes, to what extent? If not, then what does? So many questions yet to be answered. The format will make people look beyond the general dating norms of our society, who knows, maybe even reinvent them. I am extremely excited to host the contestants in the show and find out what happens at the end of each episode.”

The brand new format promises to bring a lot of unpredictability and double the excitement for the viewers, as the singletons get ready for a first date in pitch darkness.