Regional Workshops on Leadership for Academic Excellence in Higher Education

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During the Conference with State Education Ministers and State Education Secretaries on Teacher Education held on 08.02.2016 under Chairpersonship of Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource Development, it was decided to hold five regional Workshops for Educational Administrators in Higher Education in five regions across the country in April-May, 2016. It was also decided that modules for these workshops would be developed by IIMs. It was further decided that these modules can be adopted by State Governments which can carry the process forward by organizing similar workshops

In line with the decision in the meeting, Regional Workshops on Leadership for Academic Excellence in Higher Education are being organized jointly by MHRD and UGC at five different locations in the country namely Bengaluru, Mumbai, Guwahati, Delhi and Chandigarh for Central Universities’ Vice-Chancellors, Pro Vice-Chancellors and other senior academic administrators, along with resource persons nominated by the State Government in the region. These state nominees will function as local State resource persons for the training within the state. After the regional conferences, similar conferences will be held state-wise by the State resource persons for college Principals and other educational administrators.

These Conferences are scheduled to be held on:

15-16 April at Bangalore;

18-19 April at Mumbai;

20-21 April at Guwahati;

22-23 April at Delhi;

25-26 April at Chandigarh.

The content development, academic execution and provision of resource persons has been vested with the IIMs for the regional conferences, with IIM, Udaipur acting as the coordinator.

The objective of the Workshops is to promote introspection about the present culture and processes of each University and discuss ways of creating a shared vision so that all stakeholders can jointly contribute to its overall aspirations. The various topics which would be covered are:

 Leadership – Management Framework (management, communication, etc)

 Creating and Developing a Shared Vision

 Analysis of existing Reality (Barriers to Implementation)

 Processes for achieving vision

 Role of Leader

 Accreditation

 Financial Management in Higher Education (Strategic Planning and Budgeting, Costs and Fixed Asset Management)

The Workshops would employ modern training techniques like case studies and group work. It is expected that they will demonstrate the way-forward by charting a course map and way-ahead for strategic managers in higher education. They would also provide strategic planning in leadership and management with a shared vision amongst all stakeholders.

A monitoring mechanism would also be put in place to monitor the effectiveness of the Workshops after six months and one year.

It is expected that through this initiative over 300 administrators of central universities and educational administrators of all 35000 colleges will be trained.