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Prachi Deshpande

Four signs that indicate you need to heal your past memories –

1) Low energy levels

2) Unable to handle criticism

3) Feeling guilty frequently

4) Feeling upset

The highest form of healing takes place through forgiveness and making peace with our past. One of the best ways to practice forgiveness is by channelling Hoʻoponopono during Reiki Healing.

Hoʻoponopono is a powerful Hawaiian mantra for forgiveness.

It is a simple mantra that consists of four phrases that help us dive deep into our energy field, famously known as Aura, and release the emotional junk that we carry. It helps us experience unconditional love for ourselves as well as for others. Ho’oponopono roughly translates as making things right or bringing balance. When accompanied by Reiki, it becomes even more powerful.

The four phrases of Ho’oponopono are as follows:

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Some of you will ask, “Why should I ask for forgiveness if someone else has not been kind to me?”

Let me explain the mantra a little bit more. When we say these four phrases, we are forgiving ourselves and freeing ourselves from difficult situations.

And how do we use this mantra with Reiki to amplify the results?

Recite it 108 times daily for 28 days while giving Reiki to yourself. Within four-five days, you will start feeling a major shift in how you think and feel, and the effect will keep amplifying as you move ahead.

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(Prachi Deshpande is a renowned Reiki Master, Mathematician and Author from Pune. She is known to help CXOs, Entrepreneurs and Students with their transformation. She conducts Reiki classes online as well as in person. She also provides Reiki healing through unique solutions like Reiki Music and Reiki paintings for homes and offices to bring harmony, motivation and confidence.

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