Rejuvenate with O2 Spa – Now at Imagica, Khopoli

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The best way to get rid of stress is to let your body bask in the goodness of nature’s core in the Balinese islands or the Swedish resorts. While that is an enticing thought, not many have the time to actually plan a trip, which again involves a lot of technicalities and calculations. This is why, there is a solution, within your city, to engulf you with refreshing retreats and rejuvenation.

Welcome O2 Spa in Novotel, Khopoli. The next-best spa destination to retreat, away from the crowds and the madness of the city. Finally a safe haven, where you can truly relax and find solace in the luxurious ambience and the peace-inducing spa therapies.

This luxurious outlet welcomes you with refreshing drinks, a relaxation room and professional staff. 6 royal single rooms for individual, 1 couple room for some much needed privacy, 1 salon station, 4 Foot Reflexology stations for pampering with certified therapists, so that you are in safe hands.

With over 15 guests visiting on every weekends, O2 Spa has now become the newest favorite for reviving spa therapies like body spa therapies, manicures, pedicures, body scrubs, body wraps and more. So much so that some of the guests could not help but rave about their experience at O2 Spa saying “This is a fantastic idea. The ambience is so relaxing and the service is just so relieving. I will keep coming here more often”

O2 Spa is Asia’s largest day spa chain with over 120 operational outlets across major cities, hotels, malls, golf clubs, airports and more, in India.