Renowned Author Murli Chari’s Book Redefines Metaphysics for All Readers

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By Sumit Paul


Pune, 12th December 2023: In a literary triumph that’s captivated diverse readership, seasoned writer Murli Chari has redefined the complex realm of metaphysics, weaving relatable anecdotes and everyday examples into a one-breath, one-go book experience. Unveiling profound insights drawn from daily life, Chari’s book resonates deeply, eschewing verbose language for clarity and directness.

Readers laud Chari’s deliberate avoidance of superfluous verbosity, instead embracing an unflinching candor likened to calling a spade a shovel. Each chapter, a gem in its own right, holds significant pondering potential, with personal preferences leaning towards the compelling discourse on ‘Abundance is a choice; so is scarcity.’

Drawing plaudits for his unique approach, Chari stands apart from the customary motivational speakers notorious for repetitious rhetoric. He introduces refreshing perspectives without resorting to regurgitation, embodying the essence of a seasoned writer who consistently presents fresh insights.

Resonating across age groups and individuals, the book’s richness lies in its ability to ennoble readers. Its hallmark rests in simplifying metaphysical concepts, notably showcased in the favored chapter that effortlessly demystifies profound concepts for a broad audience.

Murli Chari’s literary offering stands as a beacon, transcending the conventional, and empowering readers to engage with metaphysics on a relatable and enriching level.


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The reviewer Sumit Paul is an advanced research scholar of Semitic Languages, Literature and Civilization. He contributes to world’s premier publications and portals in several languages. Poetry is his forte and he writes poetry in Urdu, Persian, Dari and occasionally in English. Sumit Paul is currently based in Poona.