RFC Residential Football Academy : India’s Breeding Ground For Football Talent 

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Football is the single largest sport with a fan base of over 3.5 billion. Interestingly, India is the country with the biggest fan base of 170 million. But while India’s love for the sport parallels any other European country, it is evident that we fall short significantly in comparison to their level of producing professional players.  The key to this gap lies in the fact that rising football talent does not have access to the right football training and education at the right time, which makes all the difference in solidifying the future of Indian football.

One game changer working to make a difference by bridging this gap is the RFC Football Academy (RFCFA), through its Residential Football Academy. This residential football academy will be Bangalore’s first, where aspiring footballers will not only continue with their formal education but also undergo football training with access to exemplary facilities and world-class coaching standards. The encompassing vision of RFCFA is to develop a nurturing ecosystem for the existing football talent in the nation.

While the academy is established in Bangalore, the co-founders of RFCFA, being ardent football lovers and players themselves, understand that the talent and future players who will take India to newer heights can come from anywhere in the country and from any background. RFCFA has, therefore, cast its net far and wide in the nation and welcomes aspiring players from across it. They even facilitate scholarships and sponsored player development programs to ensure that no boy or girl is left behind in their dream to making it big in football.

The RFCFA has forged ties with several partner institutions, from schools to fitness and performance consultants to provide all the parameters that are needed to develop a player holistically. While the academy has already received positive responses from many supportive parents, aspiring players and like-minded visionary institutions, it continues to reach out to the rising talent in India to set them forth on the path of professional football.