Rise of Sexual Wellness and Awareness in India

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21 May 2020 – Ironically, sexuality is not something new to India. The external designs on many ancient temples in India depict sexuality in its full glory. Considering that India was considered one of the top enlightened countries in the world in ancient times in matters concerning sexual preferences, it sounds a bit strange that we talk about the rise of sexual wellness and awareness in India today.

Lost somewhere down the line

India is the land of Kamasutra, an exotic compilation of erotic art and architecture. Over the years, India has developed a sense of unease when it comes to matters discussing sexuality. There was a time when talking about sex was taboo in the country. We will not go much into the reasons for the same, but the silver lining in the cloud is that Indians have now started shedding inhibitions and opening up on topics concerning sexuality.

There was a time when Indian males (leave alone females) used to find it embarrassing to ask for a pack of condoms in a pharmacy. Now, with the advent and growth of the e-commerce market, people are feeling comfortable ordering condoms, adult toys, and sexual literature online. Maybe, the anonymity offered by the online trading platform has resulted in Indians becoming bold enough today.

Sexual Wellness – A healthy improvement

In the olden days, the act of having sex was for the sole purpose of procreation. With the rise in literacy levels, people have realised that there is much more to the act than giving birth to children alone. Indians have started treating having sex as a mode of recreation rather than procreation. With this shift in mindset, the barriers have begun to fall by the wayside in recent times.

Today, the Indian youth does not feel shy to ask for condoms, lubes, and gels from the neighbourhood pharmacy shop. Besides, these products are also available online. Apart from these items, one can also buy sex toys and other entertainment products online at sites like https://www.adultproductsindia.com/


Change in the behaviour patterns

The availability of these products online has brought a tremendous change in behavioural patterns among both males and females. In the early days, the male population used to have a lion share in the sales traffic. However, today, the Indian women have also ventured to purchase intercourse wellness products online.

It started with the purchase of hygiene products like condoms, lubes, and gels. Today, it has extended to the purchase of lingerie, adult toys, and body massagers. The age demography has also seen a tremendous shift with more couples and newlyweds experimenting with exciting role-play products.

Increase in the Awareness – An encouraging trend

With the increase in the availability of internet-accessing devices, there has been a considerable enhancement in the sexual awareness among Indians belonging to all age groups and sections of society. Until recently, the creamy layer of society comprised the primary clientele for sexual wellness entertainment products. Today, the average middle-class couples are also aware of the availability of such products. Starting with the vibrator, one of the earliest adult toys available in the market, a range of products are now available online. These include dildos, bondage toys, lingerie, and so on. The convenience of ordering these products from the privacy of the bedroom has made it more popular.

Besides, increased literacy brings with it a sense of financial independence. With a majority of Indian couples having significant disposal income, women have also come forward to learn about and invest in sexual pleasure. Technology and media have also made it easy to spread sexual awareness.

It is encouraging to see Indians shed their inhibitions about making love and become aware of sexual wellness. It not only marks a shift in the mindset but also goes on to improve the overall health of the Indian individual. With dangerous diseases like STD and AIDS, it becomes all the more essential for us to be aware of healthy intercourse practices without compromising on the pleasures of having sexual relations. Adult toys and other entertainment products go a long way in ensuring that.