Rising Onion Price: Thieves Steal Onion Worth Rs 55,000 In Pune District

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Ambegaon, 30th October 2023: An incident took place in Pargaon, Ambegaon, on the night of Saturday, the 28th, as two local farmers fell victim to the theft of 25 bags of onions. The thieves behind this agricultural crime remain unidentified.

The incident occurred at Dhoble Mala, where farmers in the region had stored bags of onions for sale. According to the details provided by the local authorities, Khandu Sadu Dhoble, a resident and farmer in Pargaon’s Dhoble Mala, had selected ten bags of onions from a storage barrack near his residence. He intended to send these onions to the Manchar Bazar Committee for sale. However, under the cover of darkness, thieves managed to steal ten bags from the barrack, resulting in a financial loss estimated at around 25 thousand rupees for Khandu Sadu Dhoble.

In a separate but similar incident within the same farm, farmer Ajit Babaji Dhoble had collected onions and stored fifteen bags in the barrack with the intent to send them to the market for sale. Unfortunately, unidentified thieves struck again during the night, making off with all fifteen bags. This second theft inflicted a financial loss of approximately 30 thousand rupees on farmer Ajit Babaji Dhoble.

Both of the aggrieved farmers promptly reported the thefts to the Pargaon police station, launching a formal complaint. The case is now under investigation, with Assistant Police Inspector Lahu Thate from Pargaon Police Station leading the efforts to apprehend the culprits and recover the stolen onions.