Road rage –  When behavior decides destination

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By Mayuresh Bhardwaj

Aditya Sachdeva was shot dead allegedly by Rocky, a son of MLC of Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD), following a scuffle over the youngster and his friends overtaking their SUV,”.

A staple of automotive culture and more of a political assurance of escape I guess. These days we often come across a term called “road rage”. Basically road rage comes from aggressive driving techniques. Aggressive driving accounts 2 out of every 3 traffic fatalities that occur. Road rage is defined as an offensive work which disturb traffic rules and also designed to purposely assault someone or something.

This term was initially induced to the roadway incidents which occurred in Los Angeles.

A recent survey of AAA foundation for traffic safety stated that they viewed aggressive and unsafe driving skills in about 60% of drivers which is a personal threat indeed to their families which includes speeding and overtaking.

Violation of traffic rules by these kind of drivers like driving without seat belts, drink and drive and also not using proper conditioned vehicles are also one of the major concern. National highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA) revealed in their recent survey report that more then 90% of traffic accidents are caused by driver’s error. In those accidents more than 30% could be directly or indirectly linked with behavior assigned to road rage such as illegal maneuvering or misjudging the intention of fellow driver. The most shocking fact of this incident is  its increment by around 7% every proceeding years.

When we are away from our loving ones our behavior means a lot and more of when it comes to some basic behavioral facts such as ego and anger. It becomes even more important when we have steering in our hand and in hurry to reach our destination. Some basic understandings and some disciplines can be very helpful to reduce this fatality. We have to keep in mind one line  – someone is waiting for us….drive safe!!!!! Be safe!!!!!….

(Mayuresh Bhardwaj is a student of journalism at Indira School of Communication)