RPF staff of Pune Railway Division makes mask with face shield

Pune RPF staffs make mask with faceshied
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Pune, May 19, 2020: The importance of face shield, mask, sanitizer to protect against infection of Covid-19 disease has increased phenomenally. A large number of masks are being prepared and made at home by the staff and members of the Pune Railway Division.

They are also being used by many people including family members. In this series, a new concept was envisaged by Shakeela Sheikh, a staff of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) on the Pune Railway Division, by making a joint product of face shield and mask so that people do not need to wear masks and face shields, goggles separately.

She realized the need for the staffs and combined the fabric masks and plastic sheets into a new product. Initially, she made about one hundred and fifty such special masks and this idea is also given to senior officials and they liked it. After this, it is also being commonly used by some staff. The demand for such and combined masks by other staff has increased due to being very convenient and easy to use.

Her husband and Assistant Inspector of RPF Sajid Sheikh is also supporting her in making such special masks. This couple is fully involved in making this type of mask, their effort is to make it faster. Having a mask and face shield together, there is no need to apply face shield, goggles separately. It is very comfortable and convenient to use, the officials said.

Now such face masks have been made and distributed to the railway employees for their use. This mask can be washed and used again. This unique initiative to prepare this composite product of face shield and mask will definitely benefit railway employees to avoid infection while doing duty.