Pune: Rs 4.30 Crore Scam As Builder’s Flats Illegally Sold, FIR By Subhas Sanas

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Katraj, 18th January 2024: Subhash Sanas, a prominent builder in Pune, has reportedly been defrauded of Rs 4.30 crore in a sophisticated scam, according to the police. The unidentified perpetrators allegedly forged documents, including Sanas’s power of attorney, to sell two of his flats in Lullanagar. Surprisingly, the bank sanctioned a loan of Rs 5.50 crore without proper verification of these fraudulent documents.

The fraudulent activity came to light when Vitthal Bhore, holding power of attorney for Sanas, received a call from DBS Bank India Private Limited, requesting payment of the TDS amount. When Bhore sought documentation related to the transactions, the bank sent a copy of the sale deed, a cheque, and a letter sent to DBS. Sanas promptly initiated an inquiry and discovered that he had been deceived by a group of individuals.

His two flats were allegedly sold to a person named Nitin Patankar. Further investigation revealed the involvement of bank employees and the sub-registrar of the haveli office in the crime.

A case has been registered at the Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station, leading to an FIR against Nitin Patankar, Prachi Patankar, Purushottam Patankar, Vivek Shukla, and employees of Bank of Maharashtra and DBS Bank.

Advocate Prashant Patil, representing Subhash Sanas, commented, “This is a very significant criminal conspiracy that requires a thorough investigation. Subhash Sanas had developed land in Lullanagar, constructing 16 flats. Six were sold, and for the remaining 10, Sanas appointed Vitthal Bhore as the power of attorney in February 2020.”

Patil revealed that the entire conspiracy unraveled on January 13 when Bhore received a call from the bank. He discovered that one of the accused individuals posed as Bhore and fraudulently sold the flats to Patankar. Notably, Patankar submitted forged agreements and applied for a loan, which was sanctioned by bank employees without proper verification with Sanas or Bhore.

The Bharti Vidyapeeth Police have filed an FIR under sections 420, 406, 467, 468, 471, and 472 of the Indian Penal Code.