Ruby Hall Clinic and NDA Collaborate to Improve Healthcare Delivery

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Pune, 15th January 2019: Ruby Hall Clinic recently inaugurated its Virtual Clinic at the NDA Pune to help civilians & residing population in & around NDA campus. Through this, over 10,000 population of civilians, are set to benefit from advanced diagnostics for day-to-day ailments as well as speciailty opinions from medical experts at the hospital. Ruby Hall Clinic’s Virtual Clinics come in association with Tata Communications’ Gloheal – the country’s foremost name when it comes to telemedicine. Privacy is maintained with secure password access and diagnostic information is transferred remotely to the central hub through a centre on premises with a practitioner handling telemedicine equipment. Present at the launch were Air Marshal I.P Vipin, VM, Commandant, NDA Pune, Mr. Bomi Bhote, CEO, Ruby Hall Clinic and Dr.Manisha Karmarkar ,COO of Ruby Hall Wanowarie.

Air Marshal I.P Vipin, VM, Commandant, NDA Pune said, “Offering this new experience has indeed been a worthwhile journey that we are excited to share with our staff. Employees form the heart of any organisation and we are always working to provide our employees with the most innovative solutions to meet their health needs. Virtual Clinics come as a positive change for employee health and by being one of early adopters, we’re confident the use of telemedicine is only set to grow across the country. Ruby Hall Clinic is renowned for its medical expertise and with this Virtual Clinic, we will be able to get access to quality care. We believe this is the beginning of a phenomenal journey.”

Mr. Bomi Bhote, CEO, Ruby Hall Clinic concluded, “The world is changing in terms of consumers where patients expecting better and faster services and Virtual Clinics are the perfect answer. While benefits of this service are innumerable, at its heart, the biggest and most easily measurable advantage of digital transformation is availability of top specialist doctors on virtual platform who takes care of patients & help in improving their well-being. Ultimately, we at Ruby Hall Clinic have built our foundation on the pillars of technology and quality care for one and all and we strongly believe that telemedicine can tap into the wealth of experience of our experts and has the potential to transform the way care is delivered to the community, region and nation at large. Indeed, the future of healthcare lies here.”