Rural entrepreneur launches Mycare aggregator service for salon and spa businesses

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Pune, 23 March 2023: Vivek Dixit, a serial entrepreneur hailing from a small town Shevgaon in Ahmednagar district, has launched Mycare, a mobile application-based aggregator service for personal grooming, mental health and wellness service providers from tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 regions. Vivek’s platform will help small business owners optimise their occupancy, employee performance and revenues; and generate additional revenue streams.

At home or on-demand service providers in beauty and personal care or health and wellness services are getting a good response, however there is a large chunk of our population in tier 1, tier 2, or tier 3 regions which still prefers visiting salons, beauty parlours or gyms or fitness centres to avail their services. The scenario is such that on one hand the business owners have loyal customer base but sans technology they are not able to streamline and optimise their revenue while on the other hand customers have to adjust or compromise on their time and comfort. Mycare aims to bridge this gap, by acting as an aggregator of grooming and mental health and wellness service providers.

Vivek Dixit said, “After my first startup got acquired, I tumbled upon some interesting facts about the beauty and personal care, and health and wellness industry. We have marketplaces catering pan-India population for ordering physical products. At home or on-demand services catering directly to end-customers were present but the aggregator model for businesses, providing leads, improvising their systems and processes (B2B2C) was missing in the grooming and wellness segment. This market gap was significant and hence I decided to launch an aggregator service to bridge it. The start-up was recognised under IT services industry by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) in June 2022.”

“We approached several businesses and understood the problem statement. We assessed the segment we want to cater and did pilot tests for last one year. The pilot was run in populated areas of tier 1 cities like Pune, Mumbai, etc. More than 2500 businesses and customers were using the product and basis their feedback we improvised upon the features and services. We also fixed some bugs and after the app was stabilised, we decided to roll out our services,” added Vivek.

In B2B segment, prospective customers of Mycare are Salons, Beauty Parlours, Yoga Classes, Fitness centres, Zumba or dance classes, Preventive care or exercise centres, Mental health consultants; while in B2C segment male and females from age group of 16 – 65 years from tier 1, tier 2 cities who want to organise their well-being, lifestyle and businesses efficiently are the customers.

“We have a web bookings page which will enable customers do the bookings through our platform. Besides new customers, information related to old customers of the business owners can also be stored on the platform. This information can be accessed by the businesses via an easy-to-understand dashboard. This data can give interesting insights about customers to the respective business owners. The data includes photographs, payment history, customised styles etc,” explained Vivek.

“Our primary target is the top 50 cities in India and of those 11 cities are in Maharashtra. We are deploying around 1000 onboarding agents in these cities. We will also be pasting quick response (QR) codes outside the shops which helps end-customers to scan the code and further make bookings or payments through our platform,” he stated.

Vivek believes that Mycare will help business owners increase their monthly revenue by minimum 2x. He said, “We have offered free of cost clientele management for the existing customers of business owners. We will also redirect customers from our marketplace to the nearby business owners which can increase their revenue by 5x. Businesses who have good user ratings and feedbacks with good occupancy levels will benefit from our marketplace.”