Russia approves world’s first COVID-19 vaccine ‘Sputnik V’

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Shikha Chaurasia

International desk, August 12, 2020: While the world has been eagerly waiting for a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine and for things to get back to normalcy, Russia amidst a lot of curiosity announced they have come up with the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine. President Vladimir Putin has approved Russia’s first COVID-19 vaccine named ‘Sputnik V’. The name of the vaccine is a tribute to the Soviet era when Russia successfully launched an orbital satellite in 1957.


Russia has alleged that the vaccine could be developed at a fast pace because it is based on Russia’s previous Ebola vaccine. Russian Direct Investment Fund CEO Kirill Dmitriev said, “once we understand the mechanics of how it works and use the results of clinical studies, I think many people will be convinced.”


Tested on President’s daughter: Russia seems thoroughly happy with the vaccine after Putin alleging that even his daughter has taken the vaccine. He said in a press conference, “after the second shot, the temperature went up slightly and then it was all over. She’s feeling well and has a high number of antibodies.” But the experts all around the world are sceptical about the vaccine including the World Health Organization (WHO) which has said that they cannot recommend the vaccine until all data has been analysed.


Quick production: Russia has hastily approved the vaccine and claimed it successful even before completing Phase III trials which is the most crucial phase for a vaccine. So far, it is said that only 100 people have been tested. It is being said that the country will begin Phase III trials tomorrow (August 13) with almost tens and thousands of people. Putin also said that the Phase III trials will be underway in a handful of countries including Brazil.


Russian officials have claimed that the world is gearing up for Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine. They are saying that some companies from America have also feigned interest in their vaccine. On the other hand, Dmitriev has alleged that they already have a request for one billion doses.


Frontline workers first to receive the vaccine, then millions of mass: Russians have said that by the end of this month, they will administer the vaccine to key frontline workers, medics and teachers. They have also claimed that they will soon start the mass-administering of the vaccine to millions of people but have received some backlash. A Russian Association for Pharmaceutical Companies has published an open letter this week to appeal to Russia for delaying the approval of the vaccine. The association is concerned that the vaccine might be dangerous as enough tests haven’t been conducted.


World ‘not’ convinced of the invention: Though Russia has the capacity to come up with a vaccine so early because they have phenomenal scientists and also have a good infrastructure, people and countries will still be hesitant because there is not enough data.

With insufficient data, common or uncommon side effects of the vaccine cannot be known. Till now there is no precise understanding of the benefits of the vaccine and in case if the vaccine is administered to a large number of people and things go south, massive distrust amongst people will become very difficult to deal with in the future.