Russian Army Is Not Far From Ukraine’s Capital Kiev, Britain Informs About The Latest Situation Of The War

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London, 26th February 2022: The Russian army is less than 30 kilometres behind the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Britain’s Ministry of Defence gave this information today. The ministry said that the Russian army is continuously advancing.



The British Foreign Ministry stated, “Russian forces continue their march towards Kiev and are now 30 km from the main city centre. Ukraine’s armed forces have continued a strong resistance against Russian forces across the country.”



Earlier Britain had cast doubt on Russian reports that mentioned that the Russian Army had captured the southeastern city of Melitopol.



Britain said, “Russia has not yet gained control of Ukraine’s airspace, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the Russian Air Force. The death toll of Russian soldiers is enormous and higher than the Kremlin anticipated.”



The Internet blockage observatory, Netblox said on Saturday that internet connectivity in Ukraine has been severely affected by Russian aggression, particularly in the southern and eastern parts of the country where fighting has been heaviest.



Russia’s Interfax news agency claimed that Russian forces captured the southeastern Ukrainian city of Melitopol on Saturday.