Sachin Tendulkar, Farhan Akhtar and Aalim Hakim award Gillette scholarship to the Barbershop Girls of India

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5 May 2019 : Growing up in a small village in Banwari Tola in Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh, today Jyoti (18) and Neha (16) run their own barber shop in the village near Gorakhpur. Challenging gender stereotypes, these girls took over their father’s barber shop while also ensuring they do not skip their education.

Gillette took a step forward to celebrate both Neha and Jyoti and the men in their village. Their inspirational story has been narrated through an unconventional ad film by Gillette which has gone viral on the internet with 25 million views currently. As a part of Gillette’s ongoing ‘Safalta Apni Mutthi Mein’ programme both the girls were presented a scholarship covering their education and professional needs. Gillette salutes them for challenging the stereotype and inspiring millions with their success. Sachin Tendulkar handed over the Gillette ‘Safalta Apni Muthi Mein’ Scholarship to both the girls.

A bigger honour for both Neha and Jyoti was getting an opportunity to shave Sachin Tendulkar and Farhan Akhtar. This was a unique experience for both the girls. Both Sachin Tendulkar and Farhan Akhtar were in complete awe of the resilient and talented Barbershop Girls of India.

Talking about the Barbershop Girls, Farhan Akhtar said, “I salute, Neha, Jyoti and the entire village of Banwari Tola. They are an inspiration to millions across this country. I was very honoured to get a shave done by them. Gillette’s narration of the girls’ story will help create newstandard for boys to admire and for men to achieve. Because the boys of today are the men of tomorrow. The scholarship given to the Barbershop girls of India by Gillette will further enable their dream and support them to achieve personal and professional success in future.”

The girls also got a chance to showcase their skills to the God of Indian Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar said, “The blade that shaves, does not know whether a girl or a guy is using it. I think, this is the most important line of the video, because if dreams do not discriminate then why do we? We should always remember the kids of today are watching and they learn from what they see. I hope lots of kids today will see how Neha & Jyoti and their village has shown great courage and right attitude to break stereotypes and move forward’’

Overwhelmed by meeting these girls, Gillette expert and celebrity stylist Aalim Hakim said, “These girls have achieved the unthinkable and this is a testimonial to the grit and courage they possess. Gillette’s beautiful ad will now make them popular across the globe, creating conversations about breaking gender stereotypes. I am very glad that through the scholarship awarded by Gillette both Neha and Jyoti will get an opportunity to work at my salon, it will help them polish their skills and take their career forward.”

Gillette will be providing Neha and Jyoti skill set training for styling and grooming, through a top salon academy. After completing the training, both Neha and Jyoti will get a job opportunity to work at one of India’s premium salon, Hakim’s Aalim.

As leading manufacturers of double edge brands like Wilkinson Sword™ 365™, 7 O’Clock™ blades used by Barbers all over, Gillette is proud to have been part of their journey.