Sadabhau Khot Leads Milk Producing Farmers’ March in Pune, Demands Higher Milk Prices

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Shaniwar Peth, 5th December 2023: Sadabhau Khot, the president of Rayat Kranti Sanghatana and former MLA, led a Milk Spill Protest at the Dairy Development Officer’s office on Lal Mahal to RB Kumthekar Road in Pune.

The march aimed to advocate for increased compensation to milk producers in the Maharashtra State, urging the government to set prices at Rs 40 for cow milk and Rs 80 for buffalo milk. The demonstration saw the active participation of numerous milk-producing farmers who voiced their grievances against the state government.

Addressing the gathering, Sadabhau Khot highlighted the challenges faced by the farming community due to decreased rainfall this year, resulting in a water crisis. He emphasized the need for the Maharashtra State Government to support farmers through various measures, including assisting to generate income from milk production. Despite these challenges, there has been no increment in the price of milk in recent years, leading to a severe crisis for the farming class.

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Khot stressed the urgency of addressing this issue, calling on the Maharashtra state government to increase the prices of cow milk to Rs 40 and buffalo milk to Rs 80. He warned that the demonstration in Pune was just the beginning, and if the government does not heed their demands, a more robust agitation could unfold in the future. The protest serves as a visible expression of the concerns and demands of the agricultural community, urging authorities to take prompt and effective action.