Salman Khan Responds to Allegations Made by his Neighbour Against Him

Salman Khan
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Manisha Swain

Mumbai, 21st January 2022: The dispute between actor Salman Khan and his neighbour is in the headlines these days. The controversy started when Ketan Kakkar, who took the plot next to Salman Khan’s farmhouse, made several allegations on a YouTube channel against Salman. In response, Salman Khan filed a case against him for defamation.

In the recent hearing, Salman’s lawyer said that his neighbours are unnecessarily dragging his religion into this quarrel. According to the report of Live Law, Salman’s lawyer Pradeep Gandhi read Ketan Kakkar’s post and interview before the court on Thursday. He briefed that Ketan has alleged that Salman is under the guise of D gang. Ketan also commented on Salman’s religion and said that he is close to politicians at the Central Party and State level. Ketan also claimed that Salman is involved in child trafficking and several bodies of film stars are buried at his farmhouse.

Salman responded that these allegations are all in his head and there is no evidence. He said, “Why are you maligning my image in a property dispute? Why are you interfering with my religion? My mother is Hindu, my father is Muslim and my brothers have also married Hindus. We celebrate all festivals.”

Salman further said, “you are an educated person.. not a felon to make such allegations. The easiest thing these days is to gather some people, go on social media and get angry.” Salman also said that he has no desire to go into politics.