SAMCO Securities launches new TVCs

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Highlights flat Rs. 20 brokerage is truth and there is no hidden cost

Mumbai, July 10, 2017: SAMCO Securities Limited, one of the leading discount brokerages in the country, has launched new entertaining campaign that attempts to make people believe that Rs. 20 brokerage is truth and there is no hidden cost.

The company has launched two TVCs themed around #TheHardestBet – highlighting the financial burden one gets by paying higher brokerage based on size of trade and how humiliating it can be to find out that you have been paying excess brokerage since forever, whereas by trading via SAMCO one can save a lot of money with its Flat Fee brokerage irrespective of trade volume.

The protagonist in the 5,000 Mirchi Challenge TVC is an everyday man who refused to believe on the concept Flat Fee Brokerage. The film starts by showing him eating red chilies. Because he lost the challenge from a friend who advised him to switch to SAMCO’s Flat Fee Brokerage and save huge amount of transaction cost. The man ultimately losses the challenge when he pays Rs 5,000 as brokerage on the same transaction where his friend paid only Rs. 20 as brokerage.

Similarly in the Captain Fool Cricket TVC, the character is the captain of the cricket team. He enters the field wearing his shorts. Everybody in the stadium is stunned and start laughing at him. Later it is revealed that he has lost the challenge where he couldn’t believe that his team paid only Rs 20 as brokerage for an order for which he ended up paying Rs. 5000.

“Storytelling is been at the forefront of our marketing efforts. Our TVCs inform audiences in an innovative storytelling format about the benefits of trading at flat Rs. 20 and attempts to capture the eyeball of every investor and trader in the stock market,” said SAMCO Securities CEO Mr. Jimeet Modi.

“The communication of the campaign clearly is to educate market participants of the message ‘Ab share market mein brokerage, 20 se jyaada mat dena’ and the creative team has done a great job in ensuring that the message is delivered, breaking through the clutter,” he added.

TVCs have been produced and directed by Mr Parikshit Vaidya of Gulliver Films, while creative part was conceived in-house by SAMCO.

“I was very excited about this campaign as it is way away from the regular TVCs. The script has successfully linked the unawareness of the common people about the fast changing environment of broking industry,” says Parikshit Vaidya of Gulliver Films.

Both the TVCs, simultaneously launched on the company’s social media platforms, has already garnered over 1,00,000 views each on Facebook.

“Due to recent changes in the code of conduct of advertising we had to recreate our brand strategy overnight, reposition our brand and redo the entire marketing piece all over again. With so many advertisers from the Stock broking industry, we had to think of a campaign which helps SAMCO stand out, without using boring advertisement which typically makes BFSI sector look old and intimidating. Educate and Entertain was the clear objective of our TVC,” says Mr. Chirag Joshi, Head of Marketing at SAMCO Securities.

The Mumbai-based discount brokerage has also launched two more videos — The Chaiwala Boss and  The Local Train  — on the similar theme that have been running on digital platform not on TVs.