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On 29th April, Pune witnessed India’s 1st Creative Art Therapy Awards presented by Sancheti Healthcare Academy. The purpose of this function emerged from the vision of Mrs. Manisha Sanghavi – Executive Director (Sancheti Group of Hospitals) to bring The Silent Heroes into limelight and recognize their excellent work in Creative Art Therapies which otherwise would have gone unnoticed. The Award ceremony was a turning point in the field of Creative Art Therapies.

The August Audience comprised of Artists, Professionals, Noble Hearted Samaritans and Pillars of the Community. This was a moment that will be etched in history and will create ripples in times to come
12 People who use different forms of creative arts to heal, and who have made a difference to the community were honored on Sunday- April 29th. Sancheti Healthcare Academy presented the awards with an attempt to recognize the efforts of silent heroes and change Makers.What is special about these awards is that for the 1st time the Medical Fraternity recognized that the Creative Art Therapies namely, Dance, drama, music, Art, Storytelling and Sports and Adventure Therapies are critical and very essential in healthcare.

It addressed the growing need of the healthcare professionals that after providing all the necessary medical attention to the patient, they needed and found great results in Art Therapies to complete the process of healing
The Creative Art therapies were also beneficial in Hospice Care, Geriatric care, Cancer and played a very important part in PREVENTIVE MEDICINE.

While all of us are so focused on the standards improving medical care, we aren’t yet paying much attention to Prevention of mental and physical triggers.
Our Country , is facing a huge onset of Psycho-somatic diseases , which can be screened and prevented by these CREATIVE ART INTERVENTIONS at schools, colleges, corporate and even hospitals. The Awards were conducted at the Sancheti Hospital Auditorium, a state-of-art Facility and had the august presence of Artists, Professionals, Pillars of the community amongst others/The Nominations were received from all across the country and some even from US and UK.

The screening and selection was done by an eminent jury.
Each Awardee expressed gratitude for having their work recognized in their so many years of contribution as Creative Art Therapists. Their work was showcased to the Audience with a Video of their Journey displaying the magnitude and uniqueness of their excusive work which was very emotional and well received.The evening was also studded by the motivational speech of DivyanshuGanatra, founder Adventure Beyond Barriers Foundation. Divyanshu who himself, turned Blind when he was 19, made for the perfect keynote speaker as he filled the audience with his strong belief that every person abled of disabled should be given a level playing field.

Divyanshu won the prestigious Pinnacle Awards for his achievement in the Sports/Adventure Therapy.
Dr. Parag Sancheti, Chairman and MD of Sancheti Group added after he heard Divyanshu that “ I feel blind in front of Dinyanshu today, his spirit has uplifted me too, and I am privileged to have witnessed such inspirational work from the field of Creative Art Therapy.Art trulytransforms pain into Beauty. this is yet another feather in the hat of Mrs. Manisha Sanghavi, Executive Director of Sancehti Group”.

Syed Salladduin Pasha from Bangalore received A Life time Achievement Award.

Our awardees in the different categories:

Dance Therapy

1.Mr. HrishikeshPawar. ( Pune )

2.Dr. Nikhil Shasane( Mumbai )

Drama Therapy

3.Mr. Parasurama Ramammoorthi( Madurai )

Art Therapy

4. Saba Sayyed( Pune )

  1. Mrs. KetakiPimpalkhare( Pune )

Music Therapy

6.Manjusha Raut( Aurangabad )

7.Varun Venkit( Pune )

Storytelling/Creative Writing/Poetry :

  1. Mr. Ajay Gupta ( Bangalore)

Other field of Art :

  1. MinalKavishkar( Animal Assisted Therapy (Pune)

  2. Mr. KrishnakumarBalasubranaiam. ( Hospital Clowning ) (Chennai)

Sports / Adventure Therapy:

The Pinnacle Award : Divyushu Ganatra (Pune)
Life time achievement Award :Syed Salladduin Pasha (Bangalore)The event was interspersed with a heart warming dance performance from the 1st Batch of Dance/movement Therapy of Sancheti Health Care Academy and a musical demonstration by Varun Venkit from Taalinc.All the award winners were happy to receive this award and there was a big sense of achievement for them after getting the award. It was a very emotional moment not only for the award winners but also for their family and all those present in the auditorium including all the nominees. This was a wonderful and noble gesture by Mrs. Manisha Sanghavi and the entire SHA team by creating such a unique appreciation for the appreciation of all the silent heroes.It was attended by many dignitaries from our city who expressed deep gratitude for having witnessed a transforming evening filled with such inspiring artists from various fields. The President of Sancheti Group and recipient of PadmaShri, Padma Bhushan , Padma Vibhushan the highest Civilian Awards Dr. K.H. Sancheti made it befitting conclusion by adding that he feels “deeply indebted to the team which out this evening together and made him even more convinced that Sancheti Hospital was definitely on the right path by adding ART and Healthcare to make their patient care a 360degree approach.”.