Sanjay Mishra and Vivan Shah wrapped Last schedule of `Coat`

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24 April 2019 : Sanjay Mishra and Vivan Shah, who were shooting for Coat in Madh Island, Mumbai, has announced the wrap up the last schedule of the film. The young producer Kumar Abhishek took to his social Media account to announce the news. The film is directed by Akshay Singh. Actor Vivaan Shah is playing the lead role of a low caste Pig farmer in the film. The Bihar based story will again be an arrow pointed towards the caste problem that exists in the Rural India.

Producer Kumar Abhishek who is from Bihar and struggled hard to reach at this level. He is youngest producer in entire Bollywood industry. On the last day of shoot he Said, “The last schedule of the movie Coat is shot. Will Gonna miss everyone. We have just one aiming to give you the best film of 2019”.

Talking about the story which is about small village boy Madho, simple yet a big dreamer. He and his father are pig farmers, which holds the least respect in their village. In this era of fast growing technological advancements in India, he also wants to look great and want to be successful.