Sealed Club Found Serving Liquor: Pune Police and Excise Department to Crack Down on Unauthorized Club Operations

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Reported By Sumit Singh

Pune, 11th June 2024: The Pune District Collector, Suhas Diwase, has issued a stern warning to clubs that have reopened without authorization.

Diwase told Punekar News that any club found operating illegally will face severe consequences, including the possibility of license revocation and legal action.

This crackdown follows a recent incident involving a club in the Yerwada police jurisdiction at Ishanya Mall. Despite being sealed by the excise department, the club was caught serving alcohol. Acting on a tip-off, officials from the excise department and Yerwada police raided the premises last Saturday and filed a case against the establishment.

Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar told Punekar News that a formal meeting with the excise department is scheduled to discuss the current status of club operations. “We need to ascertain which clubs are open and which have been suspended. This collaboration is crucial to ensure compliance with government regulations,” Kumar said.

A representative from the hotel association expressed frustration over the closures, citing significant financial losses. “Clubs are being shut down without clear reasons, causing huge investment losses. We hope the excise department maintains this scrutiny for a substantial period to ensure fair enforcement,” the representative said. He also mentioned that the entire industry is being targeted due to the actions of a few establishments that operate late-night with loud music.

The police department will identify and take action against any bar or rooftop club that is operating unlawfully. A police officer noted the importance of this ongoing effort, stating, “We are currently unaware of the exact number of clubs that have been suspended. Our upcoming meeting with the excise department will provide clarity on the situation.”