Seeing the Real Kashmir Through the Eyes of Dr. Farooq Abdullah 

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The members of EO Gurgaon who were a part of the open end discussion ‘Kashmir-The Paradise Lost?’ as they got to know the other side of the state from none other than Dr. Farooq Abdullah.

It was a really special night for all the members of EO Gurgaon who were a part of the open end discussion ‘Kashmir-The Paradise Lost?’ as they got to know the other side of the state from none other than Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Ex-Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir and Ex-Union Minister of India. Being the key speaker, he talked about the many facets of the state and how his family, including his Father & Son, have always lived with the idea of an India with Kashmir being its integral part. He also stressed on the need of investments in the valley which will not only create employment opportunities for the youth of Kashmir but also inspire them to become self-employed by coming up with business start-ups.

EO Gurgaon organized an open-end discussion on ‘Kashmir-The Paradise Lost?’ with Mr.Farooq Abdullah, ex-chief minister of Kashmir and ex-union minister of India, as the key speaker. Mr. Abdullah presented his views and welcomed discussion on the topic, exclusively for EO members. The Constitution of India grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is paradoxical. If a state is an integral part of a nation, why does its Constitution grant it special privileges? What role does the voice of Kashmir’s people play in this whole situation? How India, Pakistan and China are pushing each other to war for decades over the valley? Many such topics were addressed in the talk while encouraging the members to put forth their views.

EO Gurgaon, President, Mr. Ayush Bansal, Director, Liberty Shoes Group:

EO Gurgaon hosted an evening with DR. FAROOQ ABDULLAH – An enthralled audience was treated to an evening spent well with DR. SAHAB as he spoke about Kashmir, relations of the state with the country and its deep-rooted culture and ethos.

His learned insights into family relations, respect for elders and following equality for all the people of India, made a great impact on us.
EO Gurgaon supports all this and more as we promote unity in diversity.

His principles will definitely help us to be more insightful as we run our workplaces on the same guidelines as exalted by Dr. Farooq Abdullah.
Truly an evening well spent.

EO Gurgaon, Marcomm Chair, Mr. Raunaq Singh, CEO, Targus Technologies:

We at EO Gurgaon believe in uniting for mutual growth by learning various things in life. Business understanding, management techniques, expansion ideas are the core of what we learn at EO. However, what we learnt at the event with Abdullah ji is equivalent to life’s lessons. Being a good human; loving your country; investing in Kashmir & the culture of deep respect for parents and women made an impact on me. He said, “Politics is not bad, but politicians may be,” which is very true. EO Gurgaon supports national integration, cultural diversity and gender equality & we all run our own businesses / companies by these principles. God bless Dr. Farooq Abdullah ji.

EO Gurgaon, Learning Chair, Karan Singh Sawhney:

When we got the opportunity to get Dr. Abdullah as the key-note speaker for our learning event, I was cautiously optimistic. My only concern was that it might turn into a politically charged debacle and the essence of learning about the history of Kashmir would be left lost in this process which wouldn’t have been in the true spirit of an EO learning event.

However, 20 minutes into the event gave me a sense of satisfaction and tickled my curiosity time and again, putting all my concerns to rest.

Dr. Abdullah delivered a mesmerizing and brilliant synopsis about the history of the state, starting from the pre-independence era to date. Although the topic cannot be truly justified in a couple of hours, Mr. Abdullah was extremely articulate and to the point while covering the most interesting facts about Kashmir. I couldn’t help but appreciate the moderator, Mr. Habibullah’s patience and knowledge about the subject matter. He ensured that the talk keeps its pace on the relevant topics while interpreting Dr. Abdullah’s sometimes cryptic & innermost feelings and his genuine love for the state and its people.

The event ended on an emotional note where Dr. Abdullah re-emphasized that there is no question about the Kashmiri’s wish to be an integral part of India. All they want is to be recognized and given equal opportunities in the country.

He concluded the session by saying, “If India takes 1 step towards getting closer with the people of Kashmir; they will take 2 in reciprocation.