Senior Citizen Concession Likely To Be Removed By Indian Railways

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New Delhi, 20th March 2023: The Indian Railways may restore the senior citizen discount on passenger trains. Earlier, the railways stopped the senior citizen concession because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

According to the Standing Committee of Railways, senior citizen discounts, at the very least in sleepers and three-ac vehicles, should be reviewed and considered.

Earlier, men of 60 years of age or older used to receive a 40% fare discount from the Indian Railways, and women of at least 58 years old received a 50% discount. In 2019–20, the government provided a 59,837 crore subsidy on travel expenses.

According to sources, the committee also wished that at least the Sleeper Class and 3A Class concessions to senior residents that were offered in pre-Covid times be examined and taken into consideration so that the weak and really needed citizens might utilise the service.