Sharad Pawar Concludes Pune Tour, Prepares for Meeting with CM Shinde

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Pune, 20th June 2024: Veteran leader Sharad Pawar recently concluded a tour of the Pune District, visiting Baramati, Purandar, Indapur, and Bhor to understand the issues faced by the residents. Following his tour, he held a press conference where he disclosed that he had gathered concerns from the people of Pune District, which he plans to discuss with Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde.

During the press conference, Pawar highlighted the pressing issues of water scarcity and the challenges faced by farmers who rely on dairy as a secondary income. He emphasized the disparity between milk production costs and market prices, proposing an increase of Rs 5 in the price of milk to address this imbalance. Pawar also addressed grievances regarding delayed government grants and concerns raised by various institutions. Additionally, he announced plans for future tours across other parts of Maharashtra to continue addressing public concerns.

Sharad Pawar stated, “This marks the last day of my current tour. Tomorrow, I will meet with officials, and the day after tomorrow, I will meet with CM Eknath Shinde. Following that, I will embark on tours of other districts in Maharashtra. The Parliament session is set to begin shortly, after which I aim to visit areas where our party and allied parties will contest elections and engage with the local populace.”

He continued, “When the Parliament session begins, discussions will arise regarding the Leader of the Opposition post. With more seats now going to Congress, it will be up to them to decide who assumes this role, with our consent required. I doubt opposition parties will secure the Deputy Speaker position in the Lok Sabha.”

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Pawar concluded, “Faith in BJP and Narendra Modi has diminished both in Maharashtra and beyond. It appears people no longer trust Modi’s assurances. There’s no update on Chhagan Bhujbal. The Central and Maharashtra State Governments must prevent the escalation of social tensions stemming from reservation protests.”