Sharad Pawar Knows About OBC Reservation In Other States Except Maharashtra: Fadnavis

devendra fadnavis in Pune
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Pune, 17th August 2021: Leader of opposition Devendra Fadnavis today once again targeted the Maharashtra state government over the issue of OBC reservation. 

Speaking to media in Pune, Fadnavis said, “The state government seems to be manipulating the OBC reservation. Until the local body elections are held, this government has to give the reasons. This government does want to give reservation to OBCs.”

He also reacted to the statement made by NCP president Sharad Pawar yesterday. 

“Sharad Pawar is well aware that OBC reservation is being implemented in other states except for Maharashtra. This state government does not want to give reservationS to OBCs till the Municipal corporation, Nagarpalika and Zila Parishad elections are held, they want to play tricks. Till then they want to give reasons because, the OBC Commission itself has sent a letter to the state government, saying give us funds, we want to collect empirical data”, Fadnavis said.

He added, “At the time of Maratha reservation, we had prepared the empirical data in four months. It can be done if the government has the will but it is clear that this state government doesn’t have it. The government is deceiving the OBCs. Also, if someone is saying that the central government does not allow the census, then there is no greater misguidance. Because for empirical data there is no need for any permission from the Central government. When we collected the empirical data for the Maratha reservation, whose permission was taken? No one. One hundred per cent it is a state subject and not the centre. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the state. There is no need to go to the centre. All the lies are going on”, Fadnavis criticized the state government.

No attempt by state government to lift stay on bullock cart race

Speaking on the postponement of the bullock cart race, Fadnavis said, “When we had a government in Maharashtra, we had enacted a law regarding bullock cart race. Unfortunately, the law was later stayed by the Supreme Court. Now that this new government has come, there seems to be no attempt to lift that stay. We will meet the Union Ministers and we will try to get the stay lifted by the Supreme Court. I have also been given a report of what was studied in our time which is going to be very important in the Supreme Court, I think. All these things should be brought before the Supreme Court. Also, the state government is requested to understand the sentiments of the people and find a way out of this.”

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