Shock and Outrage: Telangana Ice-Cream Vendor Caught Adding Semen to Falooda

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Hyderabad, 20th March 2024: A street-side ice cream vendor in Telangana was apprehended after being caught on camera mixing semen with Falooda, a popular dessert. The individual, identified as Kaluram Kurbia, was filmed masturbating and adding his semen to the ice cream, sparking outrage on social media.

Following the viral video, food safety officials and law enforcement authorities tracked down Kurbia and took him into custody. Hailing from Rajasthan, he is currently undergoing interrogation. Subsequent raids on the ice-cream production facility led to the detention of multiple individuals involved in the manufacturing and distribution of the contaminated products, with cases filed against them.

In response to the incident, the Nekkonda Police have issued warnings to vendors operating street-side carts selling falooda and ice cream, stressing the critical importance of maintaining cleanliness in food preparation. They have cautioned of severe consequences for non-compliance.

On social media, users expressed shock and revulsion at the disturbing revelation. Many criticized the lack of hygiene standards in roadside eateries, attributing it to lax enforcement by authorities. Others questioned the motive behind such reprehensible actions and called for harsh punishment. Some admitted to losing trust in street-side eateries altogether, citing similar reports of food adulteration in the past.