Features Czech Painter Vera Tataro’s Mother Earth Series of Paintings

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Pune, 15’Th March 2016:  For Vera Tataro, the famous Czech painter, her latest series of paintings is the ability, to as she says, “To paint with complete freedom, what a dream it will be! Creating a painting that is surreal and brutally direct.” She further adds, “The kinds that will make you want to stop and stare. Every artist’s dream is to achieve that ability.”

Her latest paintings portray in her own words, “She smokes a pipe and exhales out love; she also exhales out life. She lies flat on the grass, and then against a tree; her hair blending into the grass first, then into the bark of the tree. She is Mother Nature. From her life emerges and into her it perishes.”

Her paintings look so life-like, that they can be easily mistaken for a digital art piece. The painting Earth garden portrays Mother Nature and her naked beauty to symbolize love, inner energy, harmony, tradition and its roots. It shows the raw beauty of nature entwined with the beauty of a woman.

Vera Tataro’s own belief as an artist is like a breath of fresh air. “I have no favorite style. Painting in one style seems like stagnation to me, or a limited testimony. I always charge my paintings with a positive energy. I always tell a story. But still, I like to leave a door open for a viewer’s imagination, so he can enter the worlds in my paintings and create his own stories. “She adds, “I always paint in such a way to create not just a decorative piece of art. My paintings are a communication device that conveys to the viewer a message that is incommunicable with words.”

In her own words, “Inspiration just comes to me: you only have to be careful not to stop it”. She adds further, “The force that compels me to create is a universal one and when I feel like using a different genre of art, I feel comfortable to do so.”

Vera’s works had always been a subject of scrutiny during the past. Her way of dealing with criticism is simple. “I heard a lot of criticism for my work but I never changed my own view or changed my work for anyone. If someone feels threatened by an artist, it may be because the artist had pointed at something what people fear.” believes Vera.