Shweta Was In The Top Trend Due To Personal Issues Leaked On Zoom, Became A ‘Brand’ For Companies Like Netflix To Paytm

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Friyana Munshi

New Delhi, February 19, 2021: Shweta is the name of the girl who left her mic on during the online class on Zoom and was talking to her friend on the call. The news is that the big companies are making memes about Shweta; be it Netflix, Voot, Paytm, Pizza Hut India, or OYO.

Virtual meetings during lockdown due to coronavirus proved to be a new convenient tool. Apps such as Zoom and Google Meet not only allow communication between students and professionals but also personal group calls. As homes became schools and offices, online classes also commenced on these platforms. While on the one hand, you are able to attend all the classes and meetings without leaving the house, the other side of the coin is, as what happened with Shweta. The conversation between Shweta and her friend Radhika no longer remained private and 111 more People listened to it.

During this 6-7 minute zoom call recording, Shweta is telling her friend about a boy. The boy had an affair with another girl, and he trusted Shweta and told her everything. Shweta told her friend Radhika over the phone but 111 people were listening to everything. Many times Shweta’s colleagues also said ‘Shweta … turn the mic off … the mic is on’ but Shweta perhaps wasn’t able to hear. Someone in the same class recorded the entire conversation and the video went viral on social media. Now Shweta is trending at number 1 on Twitter. Memes are being made in the name of Shweta. Along with Shweta, a lot of jokes are being made about the boy who opened the raw blog of his love life to Shweta.