Siddarth Shirole shares his vision for Shivajinagar constituency

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Pune, October 18, 2019 : Siddharth Shirole, the Shivajinagar candidate of BJP, Shiv Sena, RPI (A), RASAP, Shiv Sangram, Rayat Kranti MahaYuti has shared his vision to make Shivajinagar one of the best areas in Pune while releasing his election manifesto titled as ‘Nirdharnama’ at a press conference today.

Girish Bapat, MP, Pune, Sanjay Kakade, MP, Anil Shirole, Former MP and Parshuram Wadekar, RPI, Shankar Pawar, Corporator were also present.

The aspiring, young leader while sharing his strategies with the press, stressed on several important issues that he will work on once elected for the post of Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) of the constituency.

Shirole said that as a PMPML Director one of his prime objectives has always been to systemize the traffic and provide better public transport facilities. He would replace the old PMPML buses with new eco-friendly electric buses in the city. He will make constant follow-ups for the speedy completion of the 23-kilometre Shivajinagar-Hinjewadi metro route, which is scheduled to be completed by 2021. Once ready, the metro will lessen the vehicular traffic in that route and will benefit the youth working in IT sector and their families.

Shirole also stressed on the ill-effects of climate change, which is upsetting the environment. “Air pollution needs to be tackled. We must reduce our carbon footprint by changing our lifestyle.Just like the ‘Rajya Kruti Yojana’ campaign which is going to be implemented in the state to fight climate change, I will take the initiative to implement similar program in Shivajinagar constituency.Planting trees, installing air purifiers at several spots in the area will be taken up at priority. I will install theair quality index monitoring system and also encourage residents to install solar system in their societies for local power generation,” Shirole said.

Shirole said the issue of waste management needs to be handled adeptly and the waste in the city should be converted into renewable energy. He would follow-up with the municipal corporation state government and will encourage residential societies to take up such projects. Most importantly, he’ll strengthen the walls of the canals and nullahs and ascertain that no waste is dumped in them in order to prevent deluge-like situation in the city for the safety of the residents.

Shirole ensured that he’ll clear all footpaths from encroachment and will also ensure the rehabilitation of hawkers.

The leader has also stressed on safety of women in his constituency, which he said will handle by installing CCTV cameras and by increasing security measures. As there are lots of IT professionals in Shivajinagar who run software businesses on small scale, Shirole saidhe would want the government to consider these businessmen under the residential category while allotting them the electricity bills.

As the state government is now acknowledging and uplifting the cantonment boards in the state, Shirole said that he will vie for the citizens of the Khadki Cantonment Board (KCB)to get all the necessary privileges.

We needed a roadmap for the development of Shivajinagar and with that viewpoint I created this manifesto after consulting the citizens and the youth and by analyzing the framework. I’ll not stop here, but I’ll keep working for the development of Shivajinagar in the future as well,” Shirole said.