Siddhivinayak’s fight sequence leaves Nitin Goswami injured

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Nitin Goswami who plays the lead character Vinayak in the show Siddhivinayak, broke his nose while shooting a fight sequence recently with his co-actor Gaurav Bajaj, who will soon be seen as bad boy Rudra in the show after his 2-year hiatus from television. With a profusely bleeding nose, the shoot came to a halt temporarily and he was rushed for treatment.

The sequence is a part of the current track wherein Nitin a.k.a Vinayak is in jail in a bid to protect his mother and Gaurav and Nitin engage in a fist fight. It starts with Nitin throwing the first punch and true to his character, Gaurav strikes back with a huge blow. Little did Nitin know that the punch thrown by Gaurav would land hard on his face and the injury meant for the reel life would turn into a real one. Before he could make sense of the situation, there was another punch by Gaurav which hurt him quite hard under his eye and left him with a broken nose.

Narrating the sequence, Nitin says, “Fight sequences are always challenging, whether it’s a shot for the small screen or the movies. And while all safety measures are in place, any actor shooting a fight or action sequence is doubly careful, however accidents happen sometimes. This sequence was a crucial one and one of the biggest revelations in Siddhivinayak, so realizing the gravity of the situation I treated my pain with an anti-biotic and quickly stepped back on set to continue the shoot.”

Talking about the incident, Gaurav says, “This was one of my first few scenes to be shot after coming onboard &TV’s Siddhivinayak. Given the attempt to do justice to the characters, the fight sequence was extremely intense and unfortunately Nitin got hurt in the process. Though I admire his passion for his work, since he immediately got back on set, continuing the shoot with a broken nose. Nothing serious happened to him by God’s grace and I wish for him to be in his full strength soon.”