Significance of intellectual health in Politicians in an excessive-strain democracy like India

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Pune, 31st May 2022: The Constitution of India establishes India’s political code, federal structure, and powers of government and guarantees the rights of Indians, including equality before the law and freedom of speech, assembly, movement and others.

In such cases, the behaviour of politicians carries a clear significance for us all, which becomes immediately apparent when those with considerable power exercise it in a misguided or harmful manner, taking risks and decisions that place others in jeopardy. In this—and in more mundane matters—the well-being of politicians is important. We assume that leaders, for example, are well-furnished with capabilities, experience and support systems to carry out their roles and cope with the inevitable pressures their responsibilities bring. However, all politicians are human.

Research on health and political behaviour has identified a significant mental health-participation gap that is likely to have important consequences for political equality. There is a mental health participation gap and this gap is worrisome because it is likely to lead to inequality in policy representation and carry serious implications for mental illness stigma.

Mental health is a low-salience issue. As such, it has never made it to the list of the ‘most important problems/issues’, although its salience is growing after the face of COVID-19.

Now with splendid strength comes first-rate obligation, but superb duty frequently creates pressure on people ensuing in poor psychological well-being. Professionals like politicians are also no longer spared. Because of the colossal work pressure and higher obligation, they might confront mental fitness problems.

A politician’s role has a number of challenges and is demanding as being the elected consultant, they need to fulfil quite a few responsibilities which sooner or later take a toll on their mental fitness. With a lot of strain on handing over for their people, it regularly has a mental impact,” stated Dr Ganesh Veerabhadraiah.

This excessive-strain function frequently consequences in a variety of physical and mental illnesses. Due to long operating hours, meetings and prolonged standing in public, it’s far very probably for them to develop degenerative backbone issues and fatigue. Aside from these physical fitness problems, because of the high-strain surroundings, additionally, they come to be experiencing several problems caused due to mental ill-health.

Dr Ganesh similarly said, “while you are a lot beneath stress to deliver on diverse commitments, it’s far often possible to be stressed and nerve-racking. Like everybody else, even politicians face problems of competition of their expert existence which on occasion bring about despair as well. And if uncovered to tension and pressure for a longer time period, it is very probable to have health implications like hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, and so on.
“Thinking about the high-stress environment wherein politicians work and their importance in a democracy like India, there ought to be vital measures taken to create sensitization among political leaders to make sure that the same significance is given to mental fitness. 

“For normal fitness, it’s far important that there must be some committed programmes conducted for the politicians to help them recognize the importance of mental fitness. For a healthful frame we additionally need a wholesome mind and to obtain that, it is important to take a wholesome diet, do normal exercising, and go for recurring health check-ups. These preventive measures can assist to satisfy the general health of the body and mind,” concluded Dr Ganesh Veerabhadraiah.


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