Silent warriors during COVID19 pandemic – Real Heroes: Loco Pilot, Assistant Loco Pilot, Guard & Electrical Technician.

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Pune, 18 April 2020- In the wake of the Corona virus, the entire country is in lock down until 3rd of May. However, for supply of essential commodities such as food grains, petroleum products, coal for power generation, goods trains and parcel trains are in continuous operation.

On an average daily 75 rakes are being loaded & unloaded from Mumbai, Nagpur, Bhusaval, Solapur and Pune divisions of Central Railway. Apart from this, about 138 parcel trains are being operated on central railway, for continues supply of life essential items like medicines, vegetables, fruits, perishable items, postal bags etc. in every corner of the country. The crew i.e. Loco Pilot, Assistant Loco Pilot and Guards are playing an important role in the operation of goods and parcel trains.

Cleaning and disinfecting of work place and loco, brake van at every starting point and interchange point is ensured. The staff engaged in maintenance duties are being rotated to avoid social contact. It is also ensured the social distancing during work and supply of face masks, sanitizers, soap, gloves, disinfectants etc to all the staff as precautionary measures in view of spread of COVID19 virus.

To ensure uninterrupted electrical power supply, staff and supervisor of Electrical General Department of Central Railway are working tirelessly. As a team all five Divisions of Central Railway i.e. Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Solapur and Bhusaval giving flawless continuous electrical supply to all installations such as control offices, all working offices, residential colonies, railway hospitals including various additional installations for COVID19 isolation wards and facilities.

This department also ensures other works such as routine maintenance work of pumps, pump failure attentions & power installations etc. The electrical technicians also provide vital installations such as UPS for ventilators at zonal and divisional hospitals. They have shown exemplary dedication towards the duties assigned to them. In these difficult times, maintenance carried out by electrical officials is commendable.

A big salute to unsung heroes fighting against COVID19.