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Pune 31 May, 2019-Social enterprise has announced plans to impact 200,000 small holder farmers in Mexico , South America, Kenya and India with bio digester technology over the next three years.

The move comes following the closure of a Series a Investment round of US 12M to consolidate global operations. The round includes a group of world-class impact and venture capital investors that support’s mission to bring technology, training and financing to the smallholder farmers around the world.

DILA CAPITAL, Engie RDE Fund, Eco Enterprise Fund, EDFIMC(ElectriFI), Endeavor Catalyst Fund, CoCapital, Shell Foundation, Triodos, Alpha Mundi, EcoEnterprise Fund, and Lendahand are some the investors and creditors participating in the round. is a social enterprise that works with small holder farmers to address the challenges of poverty, food security and climate change, providing access to innovative bio digester technology, training and financing to make farmers more productive, efficient and sustainable.

“We are excited to partner with institutions that share our commitment to sustainable agriculture and that fight against climate change and poverty. The investment will enable to accelerate our growth and impact in Latin America, East Africa, and India,” noted Alexander Eaton, CEO and Co-founder of

According to the World Bank, bio digester technology improves crop yield sand reduces reliance on traditional fuels, thereby improving the overall economic performance of the farm. However, there is currently a limited offer of bio digester sand biogas appliances designed for this market. Along  with the digester itself, the Mexican-based firm develops affordable and high-quality bio gas equipment customized for small and remote farms, making them more environmentally-friendly and profitable, at the same time.

“This fundraise allows us to invest in manufacturing, operational reach and product development. Combined, we will have the economies of scale to reach deeper into our established region sand build partnerships with like-mindedinstitutions already serving small holder farmers. This is common sense technology for over 100M livestock farmers worldwide, and we are well positioned to be a reference brand for this market,” said Graham Day, CFO of was recently nominated as a finalist for the prestigious Ashden Awards, a globally recognized mark of excellence in the sustainable energy sector. The   winner of the best clean cooking solution of 2019 will beannounced on July 3rd at the London Climate Action Week.