Smart Electricity Meter With Pre-Paid Facilities Will Be Available Soon In Pune

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Pune, 28 July 2021: You recharge your pre-paid mobile by paying every month… Similarly, the electricity meter can now be recharged.

The Maharastra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has decided to provide pre-paid power meters. So you can use as much electricity as you pay for. MSEDCL has now decided to provide smart meters (pre-paid) to domestic power consumers to address many complaints such as rising balance, faulty power meters, confusion over readings. The scheme will be implemented soon by MSEDCL at the primary level in Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Pune.

A meeting was held recently in Mumbai in presence of Energy Minister Nitin Raut. The decision was finalized in this meeting. The meeting was attended by officials including the principal secretary of the energy department Dinesh Waghmare. MSEDCL said smart meters will be available to customers in Pune city soon.

History of pre-paid meters
The meter was used by MSEDCL for exercise in Pune city ten to twelve years ago. The meter was installed in some areas including Dhayari. However, at that time, they faced many difficulties in recharging meters, replacing faulty meters, and providing new pre-paid meters. Therefore, the scheme was discontinued. However, the scheme is now going to be relaunched.

Benefits for Consumers

  • The meter will be available in a pre-paid and postpaid format as per mobile SIM card usage.
  • Consumers will be able to control their power consumption.
  • Consumers will get bills as per power consumption.
  • Electricity can be used according to the amount of money deposited in the pre-paid meter.
  • It will be possible to save electricity and keep the bill under control.
  • The smart meter will be precious with electricity bills.
  • Even if the recharge is over on public holidays or festivals, there will be no power blackouts.

Benefits to MSEDCL

  • Smart meters will allow information sharing and power load management in the shortest possible time.
  • It will be possible to manage the network smartly.
  • The meter can be turned on or off in a remote manner. This will control the cost.
  • Facility to take data accumulated in meters for testing at headquarters.
  • The stress of arrears and recovery will be reduced
  • Complaints about electricity bills will be reduced
  • MSEDCL will get an advance bill and power theft will be hindered.
  • Tampering with the electricity meter will be known immediately
  • There will be no need for electricity bill payment centers.