Smart Manufacturing Will Be Helpful in Aftermath of COVID-19 

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9 April 2020, Pune :- COVID-19 has affected the global manufacturing sector in several ways in the past few months, with supply chains having been disrupted and key customers affected. Nevertheless, once the economy recovers from the aftermath of the pandemic, countries are all geared up to make a strong comeback with their manufacturing. And Taiwan machine tool industry is ready to help manufacturing industry ones

Taiwan’s machine tool industry also represents the country’s strong industrial capability. Its machinery industry is growing at a rate of US$3.3 billion per year.

According to the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry’s recently released export statistics on machinery equipment, the cumulative export value is as high as US$27.8 billion. The total output value is the US$35.245 billion. Buffalo’s i4.0 Machine Tool Smart Monitoring System, which won the 28th Taiwan Excellence Award, has integrated Intelligence with advanced machine tools