Smart Traffic Management System to Launch on Bangalore-Mysore Expressway from July 1

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Pune, 25th June 2024: In a bid to curb rampant traffic violations and enhance road safety, India is set to inaugurate a Smart Traffic Management System (ITMS) on the Bangalore-Mysore expressway starting July 1, 2024. This initiative aims to address the significant number of rule-breaking incidents contributing to accidents annually.

The ITMS, originally launched in Bangalore in 2022, utilizes high-definition CCTV cameras at key intersections, capable of recognizing 250 automatic number plates and supported by 80 RLD cameras. The expansion of this system to Mysore city and district involves an estimated cost of ₹8.5 million, with ₹4 million allocated specifically for Mysore.

According to the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) for traffic, the ITMS will enable real-time monitoring and issuance of fines to vehicles violating traffic regulations. A dedicated traffic management center has been established in Mysore to facilitate immediate SMS alerts to offending vehicle owners based on registration numbers captured by the cameras.

The ITMS rollout underscores the government’s commitment to implementing stringent measures against traffic violators, promoting safer travel experiences on one of South India’s busiest expressways.