Solidarity in Pune: Peace March Organized for Unrest-Affected Regions of India

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Pune, 8th July 2023: The Pune Diocese, along with peace-loving Christians and people of all religions, came together for a Peace March held on Saturday, July 8, 2023, at 10 am. The silent walk aimed to demonstrate solidarity with the people affected by the ongoing unrest and riots in Manipur and other states across the country.


The Peace March commenced with a gathering at Ornellas High School in Nanapeth, where participants recited Sane Guruji’s renowned poem, “Khara To Ekchi Dharma.” The primary objective of this march was to foster peace and harmony in society amidst the prevailing unrest and violence in certain parts of the country.


In his message, the newly appointed Bishop of Pune Diocese, Reverend John Rodrigues, emphasized the importance of promoting peace and coexisting harmoniously, urging individuals to let go of anger and hatred. Former bishop, Rt. Reverend Thomas Dabare, described the march as a silent protest to immediately halt the spread of violence. He highlighted the destruction of homes, places of worship, and the loss of lives in Manipur, as well as the growing number of widows, orphans, and displaced individuals.


This peaceful march brought together people from various walks of life, appealing to all citizens to embrace peaceful resolutions for disputes and differences through dialogue and reconciliation. Peace is considered the result of prayer and spirituality, and through this Peace March, organizers invited every peace-loving citizen of India to spread peace and harmony across the nation. The march began at Ornellas High School in Nanapeth and culminated peacefully at the Collectorate, creating an atmosphere of prayer and tranquility.


The event was organized by the newly appointed Bishop of Pune Diocese, Reverend Bishop John Rodrigues, along with the Vicar General of Pune Diocese, Fr. Malcolm Sequeira, Fr. Bhausaheb Sansare, Fr. Stanley (Director of the Christian Youth Organization), Fr. Pravin Pawar (Principal of Ornellas High School), priests from the Syro Malabar Roman Catholic Rite (Pune Forane) and Marthoma Churches, as well as priests and religious sisters from the Pune Diocese.


Additionally, participants included former corporator John Paul, Prashant Kedari, Fabian Samson, Dr. Haji Zakir Shaikh, Darryl Cardoza, Sister Flory of the Hope Centre, Pramod Pardhe, members of the Syro Malabar Roman Catholic Rite (Pune Forane)  and Marthoma Churches, priests and nuns from the Pune Diocese, and representatives from various churches and schools.


At the Collectorate Office, the gathering sang the song “Hich Amuchi Prarthana An Hechi Amuche Magane,” followed by Sister Lizzy from Shanti Ashram reading a statement prepared by the Pune Diocese to be presented to the Collector. Sister Darshana moderated the entire peace rally. The event concluded on a peaceful note with the rendition of the song “Hum Honge Kamiyab.”

Solidarity in Pune: Peace March Organized for Unrest-Affected Regions of India