Soon, no helmet no petrol rule in Maharashtra

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Pune – The state government will soon implement ‘no helmet, no fuel’ policy, wherein a two-wheeler rider will not get fuel at petrol pumps, if he/she is not wearing a helmet.

The government believes that it will help in reducing fatal accidents in the state.

The decision was announced by state transport minister Diwarkar Raote in the legislative assembly on Thursday. “The Supreme Court appointed ‘Road Safety Committee’ has asked for implementation of the Motor Vehicle Act strictly across country. It was noticed that bike riders without helmet also get the fuel. Now the state government has decided to implement ‘no helmet no fuel’ policy,” said Raote.

Meanwhile, the Poona Petrol Dealers association has strongly opposed the ‘No helmet No petrol’ rule.

“It is going to cause tremendous inconvenience to citizens of Pune and petroleum dealers to implement above law within business premises. Pune has the highest population of two wheelers in India due to lack of good public transport facilities. So it is humanly not possible for handful of dealers to manage this huge population of two wheelers. Three months back similar rule was passed making helmet compulsory in Pune. But due to huge opposition from citizens the law was withdrawn then it is impossible now that after failure of government authority to implement law, it will be impossible for dealers to implement this law inside our business premises. If government authority wants to implement this law, it should implement it on the public roads.

People move on road all week and come on petrol pump for filling petrol once a week, government should find better solutions for care to public safety along with better upkeep of roads and public awareness. Police authority should implement this rule to wider public in city without making it compulsory from petrol pumps.

Today it is No Helmet, No Petrol. Tomorrow it can be No PUC, No License or No Petrol for Drink and drive.  Soon it will be too many things to do  with selling of Petrol. That is surely impractical”, Poona Petrol Dealers Association said in a statement.