Spell Bound Dance Performances by Urvashi Kala Srishti

Punekar News's photo.Pune, 21st September : Nritya Shiromani Urvashi Shrivastava and her disciples from Urvashi Kala Srishti celebrated their tenth annual day titled as ‘Navatal’ at Ram Krishna More Auditorium recently. The 10th anniversary of the dancing school was celebrated with various spectacular dance performances of Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Folk and Fusion. S.N. Pathan – Vice President of Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) was the chief guest for this celebration.

Stress Relieving Dance (SRD) presented by Nritya Shiromani Urvashi Shrivastava on Tulasidas’s Bhajan was the unique part of the function, which was entitled ‘Navatal’ as a whole. This performance was the highlight of the celebration and enthralled the viewers.

Punekar News's photo.Later, the budding artists of Kathak and Bharatnatyam dance presented together the unique fusion of both the dance forms on stage entitled ‘Samanvaya’ with remarkable dexterity. Unique ‘Jugalbandi’ of Table and Pakhawaj with the graceful footsteps of Kathak performed by Dr. Urvashi Shrivastava and her students spell bounded the spectators. Fusion performances with western beats and Katahk foot works were really enjoyed by viewers. Rajasthani folk dance was also highly appreciated by spectators.

Speaking ob the occasion S.N. Pathan said, “I thank Urvashi Kala Srishti for their great contribution towards promoting the Indian classical performing arts in Pune. With the increasing stress in our daily lives, everyone needs a stress busting activity and I am really happy that Dr. Urvashi Shrivastava is spreading awareness to reduce this stress through her effective dance therapies.

Punekar News's photo.‘Urvashi Kala Srishti’ is unique dance institute where all the Indian Classical Dances and Folk Dances are taught under one roof to the girls aging from 7yrs to 55yrs are the students.

Dr. Shrivastava was honoured with the degrees of D.Sc and D.Lt in dance therapy from IOWA, USA and Netherlands. She has a Ph.D in Psychology and is known for her unique choreography of Stress reducing dances and dance therapy. She has also authored a book titled as ‘Stress Management And Dance’. Her Stress Reducing Dance Choreography, Commonly known as SRD has been patented in USA.

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